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Former Miss Nevada Katie Rees Still Living the Posh Lifestyle

Disgraced beauty queen Katie Rees has turned her hard partying antics into a celebrity lifestyle. Just in case you have been living under a rock these past few months, Katie Rees is the former Miss Nevada who had her crown stripped from her. She was stripped because photos appeared online displaying her making out with other girls and exposing her nude body in front of many cameras. Most people thought this would be the end of her career, but it turns out it might just be the beginning.

The photos have been posted on several websites and received thousands of hits. This helped keep Katie Rees in the spotlight and fans craving for more. Las Vegas soon came calling with a whole bunch of different offers. One of the most recent offers she had accepted was to participate in Miss Jet Las Vegas at the Mirage hotel. She was only paid $5,000 for the event in which she won. So where is she getting the money for such a $25,000 a night hotel room?

Tmz.com broke the story today of Katie Rees living a lifestyle that she simply can not afford. The room has been used for numerous slumber parties and late night escapades. Katie Rees has made numerous appearances for clubs and hotels around Las Vegas, but many of them have paid her lower than the $5,000 she earned for competing in the Miss Jet Las Vegas pageant.

Most people believe that Katie Rees is being given the room for free. They believe that the room is in exchange for some sort of publicity. What that publicity is, I do not know. Currently, Tmz.com is working hard to find out more about the situation. I have also gone out of my way to place many calls to the Mirage and several of my friends who live in Las Vegas. Still, there has yet to be an exact answer.

Many believe that Katie Rees is being rewarded for failing to live up to her end of the bargain when becoming Miss Nevada. When disgraced, most people go into hiding and are never to be seen in the public eye again. Katie Rees is one of the few exceptions. She has braced the spotlight and continues to live off her five minutes of fame. Let us to hope that she is not being allowed the hotel room for performing the same acts that got her kicked out in the first place.